uoai {pronounced: "wai" | "y" | "why"}

uoai is a multi-disciplinary architecture and art studio based in Toronto. The studio is founded on the belief that all aspects of the designed environment, whether large or small, space, object, or surface, should enhance the experience of all who engage with it.


uoai architects is committed to exploring architecture, along side the broader social, political and economic contexts in which architecture exists. The studio engages architectural approaches and research-based methodologies to create responsive, dynamic design solutions. We delve into each project with the goal of unveiling all possibilities inherent within, arriving at solutions through a rigorous design process and focused execution.



uoai architects is a certified architectural practice with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and offers complete architectural services and research support. For inquires, please contact our office at hi@uoai.ca.

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