uoai    {pronounced:  "wai" | "y" | "why"}

uoai is a multi-disciplinary architecture and art studio based in Toronto.   Working as a small team, uoai designs projects ranging in size, type and definition.  These include buildings, interiors, residences, retail, educational, and institutional spaces, objects, public art and other.


At uoai we truly enjoy the design process.  We approach each research and design opportunity with a set of specific parameters derived from the respective circumstances and possibilities.  We strive to identify or arrive at the unanticipated, rather than operate with formal, material, and organizational tendencies developed from predetermined positions.   Thus, creating environments that offer a richness of experience at various levels of attention and engagement.


uoai architects is a certified architectural practice with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and offers complete architectural services and research support.